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Welcome to Subiki SaaS

The sauce is serious business. The website is silly business.

Home Grown Goodness

All of the peppers and ingredients are grown organically and locally in Seattle at Low & Slow Abode. Except salt, we don’t mine our own salt.

Blazing Hot

Some serious heat. We applied our own (not) patented heat scale from 0-11 Fucks. It is measured by the number of Fucks yelled after first sample.

Small Batch

Every weekend we produce an average of 10 bottles of sauce with a unique recipe. Each run is never repeated so every bottle is different.

Discover a new way to eat

Get that heart pounding immediately


Hot Up Front

Some sauces will hit you like a baseball straight to the face on first taste.


Creeping Heat

Some sauces don’t immediately burn and will slowly build up on you. Just dangerous enough for you to continue eating before getting burned.


Morning After

Some sauces continue for several days. Your mileage may vary.


See what people have to say about us

Daryl Robertson

Pool Player

Face Melting!

I was warned about the 8/11 Fucks sauce and didn’t listen. Now I know to read the labels. 100% will try again.

Jacob Jones


Like Fighting Mike Tyson

We danced around for bit, and then he hit me.

Ralph Edwards

Lyft Driver

Wash Your Hands

Trust me, wash your hands after eating. Twice.

Leslie Alexander

Lottery Winner

I Can See the Future!

No, literally. I had some of the Subiki SaaS and for about twenty minutes I saw the rest of my life flash before my eyes.

Brought to you by the creators of

Don’t Touch Your Pickle

I’m Saucy and I Know It

My Chemical Warfare

Too Saucy for My Shirt

My Earwax Melted

Everything you need to create amazing food

There’s always a new recipe and endless things to put it on. Even spicy icecream is an adventure? Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create your own heat scale?

Scoville is nice, but boring. And I don’t want to test and measure every single weekend. We invented Fucks of Eleven (FoE) because it will allow flexibility, and it’s hilarious.

What are some methods you use to make sauce?

Every single batch is 100% unique and JFL Approved. If it sucks, I pour it out and try again. I ferment stuff, pickle stuff, cook stuff, don’t cook stuff, re-use previous brines or extracted pulp. It’s completely made it experimentation with no instructions.

How big is your garden?

Not very big, but every available space has something going. Raised beds, cloth grow bags, indoor and outdoor hydroponics, and a few greenhouses and planter boxes.

Why would you do this to yourself?

It’s fun, and you can never judge a person’s aptitude for heat until they try and swing for the fences.